Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Help Save Handmade

I'm not against the CPSIA. I don't think it was a BAD idea to have testing requirements for lead and phthalates in toys and children's items. I have two children of my own and do care about their safety. With the many toy recalls lately this was a solution to a very real problem we are dealing with today.

I don't remember hearing of any of these affected toys being manufactured in the United States. If I remember correctly, these toys were cheaply made and imported from other countries.

This new law affects me as a consumer AND as a seller of children's products. Many others like me, who chose to be home to raise their families rather than placing their children in daycare, who sell items on Etsy and similar websites, consignment shops, bazaars and boutiques, rely on the sales of their HANDMADE goods to pay for groceries, gas, lessons, etc. The COST of the testing to comply with the law is outrageous and unaffordable to the seller and buyer alike.

I would love to know that items in the marketplace intended for the use of children ages 12 and under are safe. I'm sure we have these items made in other countries to save money... but at what cost? Why can't we make these items in the United States? Is it too expensive? Wouldn't you pay just a little more to KNOW that what you are buying is made safely by fellow Americans, under inspection and in compliance with our own laws?

I am hoping for an AMENDMENT to this law. And as somebody who MAKES handmade items, couldn't it be possible for me to walk into a retail store that sells the supplies and materials I use and know that before those items ever made it to their shelves that they were tested and are in compliance with the appropriate testing requirements? Can we not test base products at the manufacturer's level and have certification upon request from the manufacturer? When I take these items home to re-assemble them into my finished product to sell at an affordable price, I would then know and could prove that what I am selling is a child-safe handmade item. As a result of that sale my family will be fed and I won't have to find a job that will just cover the cost of daycare so that I can earn an additional "workplace" income to buy groceries for my family.

Please consider joining in the fight to SAVE HANDMADE.


Carey Lynn said...

well said! I'll be linking to your blog to gather support.

Anonymous said...

Very well said! As a mother I'm always concerned about the safety of children's toys...but like you said, I don't think I remember any of last years recalls coming from products made right here in the handmade, buy American Made!

Whimsical Creations said...

Very well put!! I am so saddened by how broad this law is.

I am glad your hubby liked the soup. It's a favorite in my house. I have another potato recipe that I am going to post soon. Just have to make it to take pics.

SoCk mONkEy QuEeN said...

I will help save handmade, and the way that article is writen it is inspirational.

P.S. I just received tags to put on my sock monkey's where is the best place to put them? Where do you put yours, thanks?