Friday, October 31, 2008

A HANDMADE HALLOWEEN: The Evolution of Wall-e

At first G wanted to be a spider. Not just any spider... it had to be GREEN. Well, we didn't have anything around the house to make him a GREEN spider, with eight legs and only two eyes. He didn't want to compromise and be a black and green camo spider (which would have been just as cute in my opinion.) We went online for ideas and of course he then wanted to be Wall-e! Not too bad... we had boxes and paint and LOTS of imagination! That did it!

I surely wasn't going to let him off with not helping to make his costume. G needed to understand that these things don't come easy, and the end result is more rewarding when you have a hand in the project yourself. I'd say that both he and D enjoyed marking spots for holes, testing their positions, and finally PAINTING the box. Of course, as you can imagine with a two and four-year-old, paint didn't exactly stay where it was supposed to! While the paint is drying, we TAKE A BATH!

Daddy came home after work with magic cans of paint and while everybody slept, finished the Wall-e box! Mom still has to paint the eyes and somehow attach them to the hood of a sweatshirt.

The end result: We have one very happy four-year-old on our hands... he was even kind enough to share his costume with his brother! Tonight we go trick-or-treating!