Monday, December 29, 2014

Simply Lovely Tags - A Tutorial

 I just added these two lovely little stamps to my Etsy shop and was inspired to make a few tags with them.  To make these tags you'll need just a few basic supplies.

Card stock (I cut mine into 2.25" x 3.25" rectangles)
Rubber stamps
Ink for your stamps
Scissors or paper cutter
Circle punch (1.25", or size desired)
Double adhesive foam dots
Marker (Sharpie rocks!)
Corner punch
Hole punch
Mod Podge Dimensional Magic
String, yarn, or thread
Chalk ink (optional)
 I happened to have four images stamped onto scrap card and I just hate throwing things away.  I knew that I had a punch that I could use to salvage the images.  (This is where you will use your favorite stamp(s) on card stock.  Let it dry, then punch them out.)  I used my favorite red Sharpie to color in the hearts on two of the yarn stamps, then I applied Mod Podge Dimensional Magic over the surface of the hearts.  

Set those aside so they don't get smudged.

 It's so pretty!

For the other two stamps I used chalk ink to rub over the edges of the circles to add a bit of color and dimension to the tag.  Just so you know, you don't HAVE to use chalk ink.  I happened to use dye based ink on the images with the embossed hearts.  The ink you use really depends on the effect you're trying to achieve.  Experiment and try all possible ways!  You may just discover what YOU like best.

Use a corner punch to cut the top corners off.  I liked the way it looked with the bottom corners left as they were.  
Punch the hole at the top where you'll thread your string, attach the adhesive dots, and attach your punched circles to the top of the dots.
 And that's it!  

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Making Thank You Cards - A Tutorial

About a week ago I added a Thank You stamp to my Etsy shop and I've been having a lot of fun with it since.  Here's a little tutorial  t show how I made these nifty little Thank You cards.

Keep in mind that just because I do something a certain way or use a certain supply, doesn't mean that you HAVE to use the exact same tools that I do.  I'm only sharing with you how I did it.  Feel free to explore with tools that you have on hand.  Remember, it's supposed to be fun and easy!
Begin by gathering your supplies.  
I cut my pieces of card stock down to 4" x 5.5".  This way when they're folded the cards measure 2.75" x 4"... happens to be just right for holding a business card!
Using a 2 inch circle punch I cut a small stack of circles.  Whatever I don't use for this project will be set aside and ready to go for next time. 
Using dye based ink I stamped a hibiscus over the surface of the folded card.  (Dye based ink dries quickly and I prefer it for this type of project.)  Don't forget to keep a piece of scrap paper underneath to catch the ink that doesn't make it onto your card!

Keep a damp towel on hand to clean your stamp between colors!
Something I like to do is draw a line around the edge of the card between the stamped images.  It creates a sort of a border.  It's one of many ways of enhancing the design.
Now back to all of those circles.  The Thank You stamp is just a bit larger than the 2 inch circle, but I don't mind.  That's why I use the surface of an ink pad to gently brush the edges to add a bit of color to sort of "close" it in.  It also helps to make the circle "pop" away from the card.  When you're finished with coloring the circles, turn them over and add those nifty foam dots.  Aren't those great?! 

Aren't those pretty?  Just a few simple supplies and you've got your very own personalized Thank You cards.  I'd love to see what you come up with.  Please share your photos with me by tagging me on Instagram or posting to my Facebook page.  Happy crafting!