Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Spring is Here!

Spring is here and it's about time for the Great Bunny Race! ...not sure exactly what it is, but sock monkeys love it and rave about it!

If you thought sock monkeys were mischevious you should see what this mini has been up to lately! She has recently discovered one of the yarn baskets. Her favorite color is pink so I expect I'll find here here for a while!

New cards have been recently added to my Etsy shop... come check them out! There is a good variety of themes and most are 'all occasion'. You could buy one for someone you know, or just for yourself to frame and have something fun to add to your collection!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Polymer Clay Sock Monkeys

Feeling pretty creative and having a hundred-thousand ideas swimming around in my brain, I couldn't wait to set my alarm for 4am to get these started!

I LOVE sock monkeys and I LOVE snowmen (respectively) and thought this just might be the perfect combination of the two.
Keep an eye on my shop for new items added in the very near future. The Sock Monkey Friends collection is sure to grow rather quickly and my goal is to have a healthy supply of inventory in time for the 2009 holiday shopping season.
If you haven't yet, please visit my Etsy shop: http://www.hoffeeandanuffin.etsy.com/

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Ramones Sheena is a Punk Rocker
Well the kids are all hopped
up and ready to go
They're ready to go now
They've got their surfboards
And they're going to the
discotheque a go go
But she just couldn't stay
She had to break away
Well New York City really has it all
Oh yeah, oh yeah
Sheena is a punk rocker
Sheena is a punk rocker
Sheena is a punk rocker now
She's a punk punk, a punk rocker
Punk punk, a punk rocker
Punk punk, a punk rocker

Sock Monkeys on Vacation

We have returned home from our vacation with some great MONKEY pictures to share with you... Buttons and the Number One Monkey traveled with us (and boy was the van packed!!!) The highlight of the trip for everyone was spending three days at Disneyland.
I really do enjoy Walt's spirit and feel his dream was a great one to be shared by everybody. Hopefully when my children grow up,
they'll have an understanding of what Disneyland meant to Walt Disney.