Tuesday, December 30, 2008

These Crazy Holidays!

Before the snow fell we were driving and realized how nice it was... we stopped in West Linn to take a picture of Buttons with a view of Mt. Hood behind him. This view overlooks the Willamette River and Oregon City. It was a very pretty day!

Santa's Little Helper now lives in Texas... hope it's not too warm for him! D's monkey: the Number 1 Monkey decided it WAS fun to make snow angels! This was just after our big snow fall... although we didn't get nearly what others got this year. It's still early, we've been known to have snow in March!
Holly was out supervising the activity. I think she decided all was well and sat to rest.

December has kept me busy with orders. Jimi is one of my favorite character monkeys next to Ozzy. Next to him is Edward from Twilight... Christmas presents for VERY special people! Next: SRV!
I'm alive once again on Etsy... check out the shop often for new items.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Snow Day


Buttons and the boys made it outside today to play in the snow that we did get... it's not much, and we're expecting more tomorrow.
I'm sad to announce my husband was in a minor fender-bender as a result of the conditions this morning. Everybody is okay, but it's an example of how very dangerous it is out there. (He did make it to work!)

Sunday, December 14, 2008


Well, he's finally finished! The Stunt Monkey was requested as a Christmas present for one very special little girl.

Who's next??? (Jimi)

Saturday, December 6, 2008

New Items in Shop!

I've been putting it off (shame on me) but finally got around to listing a few new items in my shop.
Just in time for last minute holiday gift items (and great stocking stuffer ideas, too) give it a look and see what you might need. Don't forget, all CEM's and Daily Buzz members receive FREE SHIPPING (use promo code: CEM/DAILYBUZZ and wait for a revised invoice before buying.)

AND... there is more to be listed! Keep an eye out, but don't wait too long to order to ensure delivery before Christmas!