Monday, July 15, 2013

My Charming Floral Wreath

 It starts with a basket of yarn...
Our front door needed a little something and I had all of this lovely color to work with.  Then I remembered that I saw a wonderful wreath tutorial by Lucy at Attic 24.  She is such an inspiration!  My wreath actually went home with Mom this week, so I'll have an opportunity to create another wreath to replace it for our home.

This is not a tutorial (check out Lucy's blog post here for a great tutorial), but many of you that follow me on Facebook are expecting the patterns I had used for my wreath.  Here are a few of the pattern links for the flowers and leaves that I used:

2 Minute Leaf by Jessica Zeltner
Daisy Applique by Maz Kwok
Perfect Flowers by Maria Rodriguez

I hope this inspires you to use up those little bits of yarn you've been collecting.  Happy crafting!