Monday, February 25, 2013

Original Red Heel Sock Cow

I was asked to create a sock cow for the Oregon Dairy Women Scholarship Auction, and she was just too cute not to share!  The udder has got to be my favorite of her features, right next to the tuft of hair falling down over her horns.  She's truly one of a kind!

I'm sorry, but I will not be making sock cows for sale at this time.  It is possible that some may be available for purchase in Summer 2013.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Our New Floor! ...and Chair Socks Tutorial.

On my husband's wish list was to tear out the carpet which had suffered some wear and tear over our years in this home.  You can imagine his delight when he was able to rip it up and toss it out.  We are fortunate to have great friends; one of his friends was available to come out to help with the work.  What they weren't expecting was to build up the sub-floor to match the height of the floor space where the linoleum starts.  We're lucky they're pretty handy!

The guys worked so hard and did such a great job on the floor!  I couldn't help but protect their hard work by making "socks" for the feet of the chairs.
The rooms are ALMOST finished.  Once the project is completed, I'll take pictures to show off the entire living space.  This really is a treat and makes such a huge difference in our home.

Chair "Sock" Tutorial

I'll share with you what I did.  Feel free to choose YOUR favorite yarn and hook.  

I used:
I hook
Lion Brand Recycled Cotton

Start with "magic loop".
Round 1: CH 1, HDC 10 times in loop.  Join with SL ST to top of first HDC.  Pull beginning tail to close. (10 HDC)
Round 2: CH 1, HDC in the back loop only of each ST around.  Join with SL ST to top of first HDC. (10 HDC)
Round 3: CH 1, HDC in each ST around.  (10 HDC)
Round 4: Repeat round 3 (and continue for as many rounds as you would like.  This happens to be where I finished my "socks".)
When you've reached your desired length, close with SL ST and weave in your ends.

This is a "loose" tutorial.  There are many ways this can be done.  The most important thing to consider when making socks for your furniture is to make sure that the diameter of your "sock" is at least as wide as the diameter of the foot of your chair (or whichever piece of furniture you are covering.)  You may need to add another round of stitches to reach the proper diameter.  (To increase, simply place two stitches in each stitch around to double the number of stitches in your first round.) When you've reached the desired width, simply work the next round in the back loops, then every round after that in regular rounds to create the height.  Don't like HDC, but would prefer SC?  Give that a try!  Don't be afraid to experiment with your stitches.  Have fun with it and make it your own!

Sunday, February 3, 2013


“It is pure potential. Every ball or skein of yarn holds something inside it, and the great mystery of what that might be can be almost spiritual” 
― Stephanie Pearl-McPheeKnitting Rules!: The Yarn Harlot's Bag of Knitting Tricks

Inspired by my Sheep Ball of Yarn hand carved rubber stamp, I've been dreaming of making this girl for a couple of months now.  I'm quite pleased with how she turned out and look forward to creating a small flock.

She is a mixed media sculpture made from polymer clay and wool yarn, and of course, love and imagination.  She is adorned with a little gold bell and vintage floral fabric from my grandmother's stash.
I couldn't help but draw her a couple of friends. She'd otherwise be lonely.
I was first introduced to polymer clay when I was very young.  My aunt still has the little cow I made!  These next items are a few I have in my personal collection and they were all made in 2002 (really, twelve years ago?!)