Monday, March 24, 2014

The Journey Ahead

We are about to embark on our next journey: HOME EDUCATION.

My husband and I have put a lot of thought and consideration into doing what is right for our children, and for our family the decision to homeschool is the right choice.  The details about why we have come to this decision are not important and many people have different opinions about homeschool vs. public education, so I'm not going to open us up to that debate.  I do look forward to spending this valuable time with my boys, and being with them as they learn and grow.

This leads me to talk about hoffee and a nuffin.  While I do enjoy designing and carving rubber stamps, I feel that many people are under the impression that I am a rubber stamp manufacturer.  I'm really not.  I stopped counting the sock monkeys after making about 720 or so over the past 5 years, and I have made less than 20 in the past year alone due to the time I've spent carving.  I miss my sock monkeys!  It's difficult to find a balance between rubber stamp orders and creating what I enjoy on my own.  

So, here's what's going to happen.  My children come first.  They are my priority and we will be spending a lot of time in these first few months adjusting to our new lifestyle.  As this is happening, I will not be taking orders or requests for rubber stamps OR sock monkeys.  However, I WILL have product available for sale as it is available for sale.  That means, as I have the time or desire to make something, on my own and as it suits me, I will list it and it will be available for purchase.  Savvy?

One thing I've been missing is having the opportunity to be creative on my own terms.  This is really important to me and to the creative process.  When there is pressure to perform or produce, a bit of love is lost in the artwork.  I want to provide the best quality in my work, and I want to share the things I am most passionate about.

When will rubber stamp orders be available again?  When we have figured out a system that works well for us, that allows blocks of "production time" for me to work on those orders.  I suppose that is to say, when I'm ready to pick back up on my 4am schedule.

But for now, there ARE several rubber stamps that are available and ready to ship.  Please visit my Etsy shop, and be sure to check back often.  Follow me on Facebook for updates and to be "in the know".