Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I try to do something crafty with my children when it comes to every holiday. For Valentine's Day we HAD to run with the heart theme... and talk about who we would send Valentines to. To Grandma's of course!

Here's what we do with potatoes when they look like this. Mommy carves shapes to make stamps out of them! This time a little heart-shaped metal cookie cutter came in handy so all I had to do was cut around the shape and remove the excess potato. Acrylic paints are great to work with because they blend well, work on different types of surfaces, and are easy to clean up. By the end of our craft session the boys are usually covered in their "body art", then it's off to take a bubble bath! (These painted hearts will later be cut up and sewn onto cardstock for our Valentines notes.)

After clean up, mommy makes lunch. What kid doesn't love a cheesy quesadilla? I enjoy the opportunity to use my big, chunky heart-shaped cutter for these (and sometimes PB&J's!) The boys think it's a real treat, and they snack on the scraps of tortilla while waiting for lunch. Served up with sliced apples and milk this makes a healthy meal for the kids. Okay... mom likes it, too!

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