Tuesday, October 20, 2009

hee pigeons...

One day, while playing with an "I Spy" bag toy, my oldest boy says, "Look Mom, a HEE PIGEON!" (What?!) I went to him and asked what a "HEE PIGEON" was. He pointed to the clothespin inside the toy and said, "A HEE PIGEON."

So... now in our house we refer to all clothespins as HEE PIGEONS. I don't know that I understand why, other than that's what they are called by my children. I hang my pants to dry with HEE PIGEONS. We clip our chips and bags with HEE PIGEONS. I clip my receipts with HEE PIGEONS. We hang schoolwork on the refrigerator with HEE PIGEONS.

I've decided to share our fondness for HEE PIGEONS with you! My collection of HEE PIGEONS can be found in my Etsy shop: Sweetest Little Things.

(I do not recommend using decorated HEE PIGEONS for hanging wet laundry.)


shannon said...

...that's adorable.

SoCk mONkEy QuEeN said...

That is a great idea... i love them !!!