Friday, January 22, 2010

Old or New?

I just LOVE Nelson vintage sock monkeys! They have such a unique character that their smiles (or sometimes frowns) can't express when made from modern socks.
I made a sock monkey yesterday (brand new) from a pair of vintage socks. He's loosely stuffed and embellished with wool yarn so that when he took a trip through the washer and dryer, it altered his appearance a bit, making him look relaxed and much older.

People sometimes sell recovered sock monkeys on Ebay, but I often wonder about their condition. Where have they been living all these years? What were they stuffed with? Who loved them? What do they smell like? While still very charming, and completely unique on their own, they may have a hard time finding a place in someone's heart who has a fear of odd-smelling, filled with foam, tattered but oh-so-loved sock monkeys.

Check in on 'hoffee and a nuffin' as I occasionally list NEW Nelson vintage sock monkeys.

1 comment:

Tuppence said...

All the sock monkeys I ever knew from my childhood were loved to rags, so it does make me suspicious about old ones still making the rounds. Why weren't they ever hugged to tatters and rags? Is it because they have uncomfy-stuffing or are made of rough, itchy socks?

I love knowing that someone out there (you!!) still makes sock monkeys that can be loved and hugged. And I love his little cheeky monkey smile!