Monday, February 28, 2011

5 Years Ago, On This Day...

I went in for my last day of work before taking maternity leave. It was Declan's scheduled due date. My mom had arrived from California the night before to help out when he came.

The morning was typical and work as usual. A few hours in I was talking with a coworker about how I was feeling, explaining contractions and some minor discomfort and she said, "Um... you're in labor!" Okay... that made sense. I decided it was time to get headed home.

On my drive home I was realizing how the contractions were becoming stronger and stronger. I hated at that moment that it was about a 30 minute drive from work to home, and that I was alone. I was focused and determined to make it home without panic and before I knew it I was there. Whew! Now a phone call to the hospital.

The nurse said that the contractions were far enough apart to stay home, relax, maybe take a shower and check back in a little while. We called our doctor to give him a head's up, too. I decided to take a shower, get myself together and get ready to have a baby! All was going well. My mom was there to take care of Garrett. I was home from work and packed and ready to go.
Standing in the kitchen about ready to leave, my water broke. Oh, no... we still have a bit of a drive to get to our hospital! IT'S TIME TO GO!

As I get in the car, the contractions are getting REALLY strong. Painful even. This baby is coming!

I don't remember much of the drive and I know Casey broke many traffic laws (shhh! Don't tell!) All I could think of is that this baby is coming and NOW and how I didn't want to have him in a Toyota Corolla on the side of the road. Casey is on the phone with the hospital, they know we're coming. Our doctor was called. (He never made it.)

Upon arrival there was an attendant who was waiting for us with a wheelchair and said, "Give me your keys. I'll find you." The guy parked the car! Casey wheeled me in and I signed something (still have no idea what it was!) and we were taken up to maternity. I'm not sure we were there even 5 minutes before that boy was delivered! WELCOME DECLAN! (BTW~Declan was delivered before the guy made it back to our room with our keys!)

His whole life has been as crazy and eventful as the day he was born. He's a bundle of energy and has such a big heart. He's my little Babyzilla... my little monster... he's the one to keep us on our toes!

Happy Birthday, Declan Michael!


GoldenHeart said...

My little snolwflake baby....and guess what???? It just started snowing!

GoldenHeart said...

snolw??? I'm going to go netti pot
my head now. ;)

purplecat said...

Thanks for following my blog :)
Times just flies by doesn't it .your kids grow so fast.