Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The 5 Year Old Makes His Own Breakfast

Oh, boy... it's been a morning. My little one doesn't have school today and wanted to make eggs for breakfast. Not just any eggs. Yoshi eggs!

I'm tidying up from baking this morning and getting dinner started and in the crock pot. He insists on coloring his eggs so he can have Yoshi eggs. I tell him, "That's okay, sit at the table and PLEASE do not break the eggs!"

"Okay, Mommy." he says.

He sat and did a really nice job of coloring green spots on one egg. As proud as he was he carried it around with him. I ask him, "PLEASE sit at the table with it and DO NOT DROP the egg."

He sat at the table. "Okay, Mommy." he says.

A couple of minutes later, as I'm about to finish cleaning the dishes, I hear "SPLAT!" Then silence. "Mommy, I'm sooooo sorry. It was an accident."

I know this. I know he didn't mean for it to fall to the floor. Some things you JUST KNOW are going to happen no matter how much you warn and advise. I tell him, "It's okay. I know you didn't MEAN to break the egg. Please go sit in the other room and wait patiently for me to finish cleaning up."

"But Mommy, I want Yoshi eggs for breakfast. I'll get another egg!"

Um... no.
I did let Mr. Independent crack his own eggs and scramble them in the bowl. He did a really good job and was proud to eat his Yoshi eggs with a fresh baked banana muffin for breakfast. I sure do love him... messes and all!


Mrs.H said...

How adorable....and very independent!

Jillian said...

That's so cute! Props to him for knowing what Yoshi eggs look like.

Marisa Hopkins said...

haha, so cute!! My 4yo's favorite food is scrambled eggs - I'll have to introduce her to Yoshi eggs. What a easy, great idea!