Thursday, September 6, 2012

Change Is Good!

It's September and the monkeys have gone back to school.  Monkey Number One is in third grade and Monkey Number Two is in first grade, now a FULL-TIME student.

What does this mean?

As both boys are now in school I have made myself available to the school as a volunteer as they may need me.  What this means is that after I get caught up on my current orders list, I will no longer be accepting requests for custom orders.

Don't worry!  This is not a bad thing.  What this means is that the creative time I am allowed will be used to create NEW and exciting things.  I will still be listing items for sale on Etsy, but they will be things made from my imagination and by things that inspire me in my every day life.  They will be original, unique, and one of a kind.   I promise, you won't be disappointed!

The rubber stamps that are listed, that are made-to-order, are still available and I will carve in the evenings and on days I am not needed in the classroom.  My current turn-around time is up to 5 days.  I anticipate still being able to meet that deadline, so there are no changes in my carving schedule.  I also expect to have new sock monkeys to introduce.  As many of you know, I have been missing the monkeys lately so I am excited to get to spend more time making them.  (I can't wait!)

One last note, our school has an annual Holiday Bazaar and I need to be able to create an inventory for that event.  (Busy, busy!)

Thank you very much for understanding.  Stick with me on Facebook as that's where you'll hear about what's new to the shop and discounts when they're available.


Janice said...

Being around at school with kids is the BEST feeling ever!! I love the smiles from all the kids I see! And it's so nice to be one of the moms who knows whats going on all the time! Congrats on a new adventure in life!

Anonymous said...

oh you are going to have so much fun! And I can't wait to see the new monkeys...I have missed them too :)