Sunday, March 17, 2013

Tree Mural: Almost Finished!

Things have been so incredibly busy here with birthdays, parties, visitors, and school stuff, that I haven't had a chance lately to work on our Family Tree mural.  I was able to pick up the brush today and do a little more work on it.  It's coming along!

I need to work a bit on the right side, which represents spring.  Once the tree is finished, we can work on adding framed photographs to the wall.


Danyel Pink said...

Looks really nice!!

Gail said...

What an awesome idea!! Your quite the artistic lady.

Kara said...

Gorgeous!! What a beautiful idea!

Becky Dawson said...

That looks awesome! I've been wanting to do a tree on our livingroom wall for a while now too...but I'm scared It will look sloppy. Yours is so perfect! I'm impressed. How did you begin? Did you draw it out first?

hoffee and a nuffin said...

A little risky, but here was my method:

I began with the trunk. There was no sketch or "plan" in place. I started at the base and worked toward the sky. Very much in the same way a tree will grow.

The leaves were all done one at a time by drawing shades of green, then gold, then later red from a "palette" which is actually only a large yogurt lid. Nothin' fancy!

You CAN do this. Remember, it's only paint. If it doesn't turn out well the first time, apply primer and start again.