Tuesday, May 14, 2013

On Life, Love, Food, and Gardening

As most of you know I've been "away" for a little while.  That only means that I've closed my Etsy shop for a bit while I took some time to be with my family and with school.

One of my very favorite places to visit is the Columbia River Gorge and a few weeks ago my husband and I took a day trip out that way.  Basically, we traveled a loop.  All in one day we experienced snow, fog, rain, and sunshine, more snow, then rain, and sunshine again.  All in one region.  It was an amazing day! 

We started at Larch Mountain where we were surprised with a bit of snow.  Since we weren't prepared to be driving in snow, we decided it would be best to turn around and head back down the mountain.  We drove to Portland Women's Forum State Scenic Viewpoint and had a beautiful view of one of my favorite places to park, Crown Point and the Vista House.   There is a number of trails and waterfalls to visit along the highway.  On this day we visited and explored Latourell Falls, Bridal Veil Falls, and Wahkeena Falls.  When we were done with our hiking, we traveled up the road a bit to have lunch at Full Sail Brewing Co... on the patio... in the SUNSHINE!  Let me just say, GOOD BEER!  Good food!  Good service!  From there we made our way to Mt. Hood where there was a little more sunshine along the way, but lots of snow when we arrived.  

 If you're ever in Oregon, plan to visit Historic Hwy 30 along the Columbia River.  Make a stop at Crown Point and again at Multnomah Falls, and hopefully you'll have time to make stops at all of the other falls along the way.  (Visit the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area website for more trip-planning information!)
At school we've been busy with fundraisers and events for our students.  Every year we have a plant fundraiser sale and every year the nurseries deliver BEAUTIFUL flowers and veggie starts for our gardens.  (Don't you just love those cosmos?!)
On my perpetual list of "things to do" is my Paper Moon project.  I promise that some day I will finish this diorama!  Pictured below are my great grandfather and great grandmother.  So far, I have created the backdrop and moon.  So far I am pleased with the progress.  Next I'll need to make two minis, a sock monkey couple, to sit adoringly upon the moon while having their photograph taken.
I am pleased that our Parent Group at school has been so successful with fundraising that the students of our school are able to go on field trips with no out of pocket expenses to the families.  What an opportunity!  My littlest monkey recently went on a field trip to Champoeg Park to learn about nature, history, and the lives of pioneers of the 1860's.
 On food and gardening: one of my very favorite breads to bake is this wonderful Rosemary Peasant Bread.  I have a LOT of rosemary growing in my garden and am constantly looking for ways to use it.  Check out this recipe and give it a try!  
We have recently (and temporarily) acquired a fourth hen.  Tilly is visiting us until she is able to be reintroduced to her own flock across the street.  These girls have sure been busy, too!
Penny... you naughty girl!  We have recently fenced off the garden area because chickens are REALLY GOOD at scratching and digging for bugs and worms... and as a result, generally ruin a garden.  I discovered this gem hiding within the raspberry bushes while watering.  
My littlest monkey.  Mr. Personality.  AKA: Crazy Dave.  I love this little guy and the adventure that he brings to our lives.  We're planting our veggie gardens.  For my boys, it's a Zombie Garden.

Let's talk shop!  While it is true that my Etsy shop has reopened, I am not accepting requests for custom orders at this time.  There are still a number of things I'd like to get caught up on and still several more local events coming up that I need to prepare for.  If you have been wanting a rubber stamp carved with your image/logo, I recommend searching on Etsy for an artisan who is currently welcoming that type of request.  There are MANY out there.  You'll have to find them on your own as I do not keep a list at my desk.

I am, however, happy to accomodate any orders of items currently listed for sale.  This means that if it's listed in my Etsy shop, my own original artwork, it's available for purchase.  If you don't see it there, it's not something that's available at this time.  Thank you for understanding!

You're wondering about those sheep, aren't you?  It's on my list of "things to do".  I promise!  As soon as I get to them, you'll hear about it on Facebook.  

I think I've gone on long enough, how have you been?

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