Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Tips for Mounting Your Hand Carved Rubber Stamp

When mounting hand carved rubber stamps to wood, I would recommend using a pigment based ink such as Memento or VersaMagic by Tsukineko.  Of course, you may use any brand of ink you prefer.  I just happen to like these.

 STEP 1: Apply ink to your rubber stamp.
 STEP 2: Stamp the image to the top side of the wood mount.
 Looks great!  (It would be a good idea to clean and dry the stamp before moving on.)  Next...
STEP 3: Apply adhesive to the back side of your rubber stamp.  (I've used both E-6000 and Aleene's and they each work well.)
 STEP 4: Attach the rubber stamp to the wood mount.  Try to match the direction of the stamp with the image on the other side.
STEP 5: Set your rubber stamp aside in a safe place until the glue is fully cured (according to package directions.)  Remember that your mounted rubber stamp cannot be cleaned under running water.  To clean: Press stamp onto damp paper towel and gently pat dry.

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LaTuaMomis said...

How can I mount my handmade stamp on acrylic blocks?