Friday, November 21, 2008

Let This be a Lesson!


Something happened with our power, and while we were re-starting the computer and chose PC Recovery, it WIPED OUT everything we had!

No more Etsy files... no more Etsy photos... all of my documents and designs GONE. The most horrible part is losing pictures of the kids. Those can't be recovered from the internet or re-created.

We now have to re-install ALL of the software we had. Not such a big deal. I have to re-create all of the work I had for Etsy (I don't care, I did it before now this time I'll just do it BETTER!) The Kid Pics... it kills me a little!

So... BACK UP YOUR STUFF! Have a special little place for these so they don't get lost. These are memories you have with your family that you can't share with others unless you have them to share.

(G and D watching Spongebob Squarepants!)

On a positive note, I hope everyone has a GREAT WEEKEND! (It's raining here...)


Amariah said...

I'm so sorry! Something similar happened to us, but we took it in to my brother-in-law and he was able to retrieve everything.

hoffee and a nuffin said...

Yeah, I'm counting on my uncle to perform some sort of miracle (?) The space available showing on the hard drive indicates to us that everything is gone...

Mama Keith said...

Next trip to town calls for buying cd's to transfer everything. Wow!!

Luminous Mom said...

oh no!! I'm sorry.. my husband has done that to me twice now.. he managed to get almost everything back both times but not all of it. I lost my 60 page business plan that took 2 years to get perfect... there was throwing of printers. lol.
One thing that works wonders is an external hard-drive.. it just plugs in to the back of your PC and you can transfer all your files onto that as well so if your computer ever crashes you have your computer right in your hand! They range in price but after losing my stuff twice I made DH buy one and all my photos and docs go onto it, first!!
I hope your uncle can save it for you!!

hoffee and a nuffin said...

There's some SERIOUS talk about an external... Live and Learn!

TannerCustomCraft said...

ew i'm so sorry! my computer just crashed on sunday ... luckily i only had a couple new pictures on my comp of the kids that i didn't get a chance to put on disc. it's so frustrating to have to replace all the software and get everything customized again!!!