Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Little of This and That

I'm happy to report that since last Tuesday I now have a total of fifteen squares for my granny square afghan! I get to work on these in the evening when we're settling down and getting sleepy... I think I have MANY more nights ahead of me on this project!

I'm still having a lot of fun with the rubber stamp carving, as those of you who are following my crafting adventures on Facebook know. There's inspiration for this medium everywhere! One set I'm working on is "Celebration". This is not limited to birthdays, but can be used for any event to be celebrated. My favorite piece has got to be the ice cream cone! ...or is it the bunting?
I managed a little doodle of myself. A little "self portrait" caricature of moi. This one was just for fun (and practice!)
Speaking of practice, I've dreaded having to cut letters. They're very delicate and a LOT less forgiving than an illustration if you "fudge" one. Practice, practice, and MORE practice. I can't stress that enough! I'll say, though, that I'm pleased with the way this one turned out and look forward to using it on notes and packages. With the "Citrus Festival" stamps playing in the background, this would make some really cute note paper! hmmmm...

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Danyel Pink said...

LOVE the granny squares! (and the stamps!)