Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Story Behind the Name

In the summer of 2006, our family was visiting with friends at their family's beach property on the Oregon coast.  Monkey #2 was about 4 months old and Monkey #1 had just turned 2.  I woke up early and thought I could sneak out for a walk for some coffee.  Monkey #1 woke up and thwarted my plan for a clean 'getaway'.  I whispered to him, "Do you want to go with Mommy to get coffee and a muffin?"

His reply, "Yeah, hoffee and a nuffin!"

A couple of years later I registered on Etsy needed a name.  This is where it comes from!    


Danyel Pink said...

Cute :)
I assumed it was something a kiddo said. What a great idea.

Anonymous said...

Super Cute!