Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Baking Cookies - Goodbye January

Those of you who know me know that I love to bake. I've been wanting to bake something out of the Chocolate from the Cake Mix Doctor book since I bought nearly a dozen cake mixes when they were about a buck a piece a while ago (and many of them had double Box Tops on them!) During Christmas I had marked a page for Chocolate Cinnamon Chip Chewies and never actually got around to baking them. I didn't have cinnamon chips, but figured that with the base for this cookie I can pretty much add what I want, or nothing at all. Monkey #1, like his mommy likes chocolate chips, but Monkey #2, for some reason, likes his cookies "with nothing in it."

It's actually a pretty easy recipe to throw together. That is, unless you melt a whole stick of butter instead of the HALF stick the recipe calls for. Yep, I put the whole melted stick in the mixer and then realized that four tablespoons is only half of a stick. Doh!

What to do?

Naturally, the solution is to double the rest of the ingredients, right? Here's what you get:
Mmmmm.... CHOCOLATE!

The first batch to go in (always!) has "nothing in it" for Monkey #2. The second batch simply had a walnut half pressed into the top of the dough. Those are Daddy's cookies. Then we add the chocolate chips! Just for fun... some sprinkles, too!
What to they taste like? You know how when you bake a batch of brownies and the edges have a gently chewy texture, and the insides are super rich and moist? These cookies are just like the edges of brownies. They taste like brownies. They're soft and moist in the middle and the outside resembles the chewy texture of the edges. A glass of milk is almost required because they're so rich!

I have a feeling some cookies will be going to work and school tomorrow. A double batch of cookies means more for SHARING.

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Melissa said...

I wish I was there to share with you!