Friday, January 6, 2012

Cookies For Lunch

Don't judge me. Some days are just like this. If it weren't for a very kind uncle I wouldn't have these delicious cookies sitting on the counter, taunting me. If we didn't already have so many yummy, sweet treats for the holidays, these would be gone already!
I spent the morning at school in the classroom of one of my boys. I do love the Kindergartners so much and think all the time of how lucky their teacher is to get to be with all of them every day. Even more important is how lucky THEY are to have her, and how they are lucky to get to be with HER every day. She's the BEST!

BOTH of my boys were awarded for creativity during the school's Pride Assembly. Along with receiving certificates, they were treated to have lunch with their Principal and students from other grades. I helped out and was so very proud of them to get to be included in this event. The kids received lunch, pencils, a book of their choice, ice cream, and then they played a game of Bingo for a chance to win a football jersey with their name and school mascot on it. They all seemed to have a lot of fun!

On my way home I stopped at the grocery store where I picked up these delicious little Clementines. It's so hard for me to buy citrus in Oregon, having grown up in Southern California. No, having grown up in the Citrus Capital of the World! NOTHING I buy here will ever compare to citrus picked fresh from a tree in Southern California. These little Clementines, though, are pretty good (and ON SALE - score!)
This box is cute, but not as cute as "Cuties" with the little zipper on the "Easy Peel" label. (Yeah... I've got a thing for labels/packaging.)

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