Saturday, January 21, 2012

Super Mario Hat: COMPLETED!

It seems like it took for-ev-er to get this hat made, and now it's finally completed. This hat was made as a birthday present for my son's best friend. LUCKY boys, huh?

(Hat model is my very own Monkey #2)

I came across this hat pattern in December when I was deciding on hats to make for the boys for winter. Each character on this hat was selected by Monkey #1. There are some really cool charts online (check them out here and here), although when you pick charts created for cross stitch they look a little scrunched on a knitted hat because the knitted stitch is NOT square. Keep this in mind when you get to making one for yourself!

The possibilities are endless... what will you make?

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Danyel Pink said...

That hat ROCKS!!! Great job!!!