Thursday, January 5, 2012

Weekly Organization Challenge - The Desk

Danyel at CrazySocks Crochet is one motivated chickie! I've decided to hop on board with her Weekly Organization Challenge and get my own house back in order. This week's challenge is the desk. Since I cleaned the office last week upon the arrival of our new printer, that shared space was already pretty tidy. What really needed attention was my sewing desk. Sewing and cutting socks creates a LOT of fiber dust!

Here are the two desks before:
They're not horrible, but they can be improved (and DUSTED!) My sewing desk has collected some things on the corner that don't belong. This one's tricky and I'll explain why...

Here they are after:
I had mentioned before that the office desk is a shared space. Some things are mine, some are not. I'll not remove/relocate the equipment that's not mine. Some day they'll find a special place of their own, but for now they will exist on the back corner of the desk. Now the sewing desk...
It may not seem organized but it is, I promise! Everything you see is exactly where it should be. The socks on the left? That's where I know I'll find them when I need the spare parts. I had a bin for scraps once. I filled it and I put it away. I never opened it again! This way they're front and center and will be used and the bits and pieces will be recycled as best as possible (think snow monkey ornaments.) The keyboard tray holds socks that are most likely to be used next. Think of it as a "stand-by" station.

For anybody keeping track: I did get a few snowflakes made today. The monkey helped by putting them in our window.
Let it snow!


Heidi (Ladybug) said...

love it!

Danyel (CrazySocks) said...

Desks look great. Thanks for joining in!

Jillian said...

I'm quite jealous of your desk with all of its art and crafts supplies.